The Gateway is an opening to another dimension, where it will appear, and where it will take us are things that cannot be determined. It moves to wherever it chooses, and stays precisely as long as it needs to. This catalog of videos are some places it has been found. The Gateway has no predetermined path that has been decoded thus far. It has been seen around people, around animals, and where there seems to be no life at all. The Gateway seems to exist in a state of nonexistence, it can be interacted with, yet it seems to belong where-ever it is, causing no reason for alarm or even basic attention. It almost gives off a feeling of normality, even though it is anything but. 

It is rare but occasionally The Gateway emits strange sounds or things happen within the vicinity of The Gateway that normally wouldn't. Much like footsteps from things that are not there, a type of whistling that feels as though it is not of this world, and even the sounds of wildlife that have not lived in those areas for years at least. 

I will continue to document this phenomenon, I encourage you to do the same.

Morgan Stromer

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