Hexaloid was created in 2019 as an experimental, web-based exhibition that highlights seven visual artists working in a diverse variety of media. Though each artist maintains their typical studio practice, they have uniquely altered it through digital means. Found objects are repurposed as 3D models, forms are digitally sculpted, GIFS dance as moving illustrations, paint and pixels collide, video explores the self, and sculptural interventions are documented. While aesthetically and thematically diverse, the work has been aligned, by technology, into a virtual exhibition space that both furthers and challenges the scope of the post-digital.

Hexaloid was created in partial fulfillment of AHT 424: Art & Technology.

1. Hannah Adams

2. Jordan Ismaiel

3. Molly Loetterle

4. Melissa Loney

5. Mariama Sesay

6. Morgan Stromer

© 2019 Adams, Ismaiel, Loetterle, Loney, Sesay, Stromer